Mentoring Opportunities

Facilitated by the Careers Service, mentoring programs connect current students to industry professionals.

Mentoring is a learning relationship that focuses on the mentee's goals and development. Our programs provide students with an opportunity to develop career management skills and increase employability in their industry, based on their mentor's insights, guidance and personal perspectives. Mentors engage in the learning and coaching process, helping students to achieve their goals.

These are voluntary programs and do not include job training or work experience.

Get involved:

The commitment required for our mentoring programs range from several months to just a few hours, and intakes will vary throughout the year. Opportunities to mentor may include:

  • Career Access: the flagship mentoring program, involving several mentoring meetings with students, typically in a 2:1 format
  • A Coffee With...: a single, one-to-one mentoring meeting with a student

To learn about upcoming opportunities, please register with us by following the steps below. By sharing details about your employment, education background and areas of specialisation, we will be able to notify you when a match arises. You will always have the option to decline if the timing is not suitable.

Who are our mentors?

Anyone can be a career mentor! You do not have to be an alumni of the University of Adelaide to participate. We look for mentors of all experience areas, levels and personal backgrounds.

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The Careers Service welcomes your contribution to student development.