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Employer Terms & Conditions

1. The University of Adelaide CareerHub

The University of Adelaide CareerHub is an online system managed by The University of Adelaide Careers Service to advertise degree related graduate employment opportunities, vacation work, internships, part time, casual opportunities and events to students and recent graduates of the university.

Employers can lodge vacancies via this portal at any time. Prior to going live, the University of Adelaide will review the listing and approve, decline or request further information from the listing organisation. Processing will occur during university business hours. Opportunity advertisements will be approved or further information requested within 2 business days of submission.

2. Use of CareerHub

Employers advertising on The University of Adelaide CareerHub must abide by the terms and conditions contained therein. Failure to advertise genuine job vacancies or the provision of misleading or incorrect information will result in the discontinuation of this service to the company of origin.

The University of Adelaide reserves the right to accept, alter or reject registrations and advertisements advertised on CareerHub. The University of Adelaide reserves the right to refuse any person or organisation use of this service.

We recommend that all students and opportunity seekers use their own values based judgement when considering applying for an opportunity listed on this site. 

3. Disclaimer

The University of Adelaide's CareerHub is a free-of-charge opportunity advertisement service only and makes no recommendations regarding potential employers or student employees. All issues concerning the job advertisements are required to be handled directly between the student and the employer. While the University of Adelaide reviews all organisations and job advertisements, employers and students must rely on their own enquiries performing due diligence when applying for or accepting off campus employment, for example, by requesting references or any additional information needed to establish conditions, qualifications and credentials so as to ensure an overall fit. The University of Adelaide Careers Service will not act as an agent for any employer or student.

The information contained in the opportunity advertisement has been provided by the employer and the University does not guarantee, or give any advice or recommendation concerning the accuracy of the information contained therein. The University does not accept any responsibility for any liability which may arise, in any way, from any errors or omissions therein. In particular, the University is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions or any other aspect of off campus employment. The University also does not accept any responsibility to the employer for any liability that may arise from the employer’s decision to engage the student.

4. Conditions of Advertising

4.1 Types of Job Advertisements

The University of Adelaide Careers Service can accept the following job advertisements:

    • Full time paid employment
    • Degree-related part time or casual employment ^
    • Work experience / internship opportunities
    • Degree-related vacation work
    • International employment vacancies

^ part-time or casual opportunities unrelated to a degree program (e.g. hospitality, retail) can be advertised with the AUU Employment Service (

The University of Adelaide Careers Service will not accept the following:

    • Commission only jobs
    • Work in private homes
    • Work involving any unpaid training/trial periods, or reduced pay for such periods, except where a Federal or State Award makes allowances for such arrangements under a Fair Work arrangement.
    • Work which require potential job applicants to purchase a product, vehicle, phone or other service.
    • Work where the advertisement is unclear about the rate of pay, or states a rate of pay which is below the national minimum wage.
    • Any advertisement deemed to be of an inappropriate nature.

4.2 Advertisement Guidelines


All organisations must provide the following information:

    • Name of Organisation/Contact Person/Individual
    • Australian Business Number (ABN) of Organisation or international equivalent
    • Website, address and contact details of Organisation / Contact Person / Individual.

Please note: email addresses must match the URL of the organisation. We do not accept gmail or hotmail accounts.


All job advertisements require the following information:

    • Position Title
    • Employment Type (e.g. Full-time, Part-time, Casual, Internship, Vacation, Volunteer, Graduate program)
    • Remuneration (e.g. hourly rate, pay range, award rate/enterprise agreement or salary and currency type). If the pay is to be negotiated, an indication of the salary range or hourly rate must be provided.
    • Summary of the advertised position
    • Description of the nature of work, duties required and applicant obligations.
    • Descriptive application procedures (or link to such).
    • Information about any fees the potential applicant must pay for any activity or placement fee including the specific fee amount.  
    • Stage of procedure the fee is payable.

Employers are responsible for maintaining the accuracy of their contact details, advertisement content and deadline dates for applications.

If the job advertisement lodged does not meet all the requirements, a staff member will contact you for clarification and/or request for revision.

If a lodged role receives queries or clarifications from students regarding these items or it becomes known to the University that there is a difference between the original advertisement and an applicant experience (fees that were not disclosed etc) the University reserves the right deactivate and ultimately remove the listing.

4.3 Disclosure of Remuneration

The numerical figure or range indicated within the remuneration field must meet at minimum the Australian Fair Work guidelines. Please visit the FWO website for the current Minimum Wage and further information including award rates and employment types.

If a job advertisement is listed as paying "Award" or “Competitive” rates, the organisation must provide the relevant Award code (see or a numerical figure or range and currency if appropriate.

In the event that an individual or organisation has a policy against publishing pay rates on a job advertisement, the hourly rate/range of pay including currency where appropriate must be communicated with the University.

4.4 Compliance with national and states law

Employers must not breach any Australian law. All employers must ensure that their opportunities meet the minimum entitlements under the National Employment Standards (NES). Read more about Employee Entitlements and the National Employment Standards here.

Vacancies must comply with relevant anti-discrimination law and that all recruitment and employment practices are in accordance with these laws.

The University of Adelaide does not accept responsibility for vacancies or practices that do not comply with relevant federal and state legislation.

5. Withdrawal

The University of Adelaide reserves the right to alter, withdraw or reject any advertisement without explanation where:

  • Complaints about the advertiser have been received.
  • Misleading or incorrect information has been provided.
  • Non-compliance with these terms and conditions exists.
  • The job opportunity is considered to be inappropriate.
  • The advertisement may lower or damage the reputation or standing of the University of Adelaide.

6. Complaints Policy

In the event that a complaint is received, the complaint will be handled as follows.

  • 1. The complaint will be documented.
  • 2. The advertiser may be contacted for a response. Advertisers will not be able to continue advertising whilst complaints are being investigated.
  • 3. If the complaint is upheld, the advertiser will be given a warning.
  • 4. Where a complaint has been upheld that is of serious nature, the advertiser may be disallowed from using the service after only one complaint.
  • 5. Where a second complaint is received, the advertiser may be refused any further use of the service.

The listing organisation will be informed, where practicable, verbally or in writing, if the job advertisement is withdrawn or if access to the service is refused.

Contact Us

If you require assistance or clarification regarding these terms and conditions, contact the University of Adelaide Careers Service on +61 8 8313 5123 or