We're so pleased to see that you would like to highlight your opportunity to University of Adelaide students. We have a wide range of students studying with us and can talk you through your target cohort and pipeline at any time.

Each institution makes choices about what type of roles are listed on their careers portal. Below we have outlined the internship opportunity and where they 'belong' in our platform. On some occasions your opportunity may be assessed by our team and referred into another area or initiative that suits your needs. 

Internships are either an elective or a core requirement of a degree. They run for 15 - 20 days.

Our team is here to support you at any step of the way either during this listing process or after - just reach out if you would like to chat.

Speak with our team by emailing:

Note: Terms such as 'Employment Relationship' and 'Vocational Placement' are used intentionally below and match the definitions as set by the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Opportunity Type Remuneration Can I list this opportunity?
Vocational Placement / Internship No remuneration (academic credit options as a course or requirement of an education program) We have a department that can assist you to scope and arrange a 'vocational placement.' (sometimes referred to as an internship).

These opportunities enable a student to have a learning experience within an organisation that also contributes to their educational course or program. For more information contact our Internships team to learn more.

You can also find out more on our internships website: