PD Courses: Become a Leader in Organisational Diversity and Inclusion

The future of business demands true diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Organisations that pay no more than lip service will lose out.

By embracing a culture of diversity and inclusion in your workplace, you will build a competitive advantage through:

  • Activating the entire workforce to achieve its greatest potential 
  • Attracting a healthy talent pipeline 
  • Retaining, engaging and developing the best talent 
  • Innovating through deeper, diverse insights into customers and markets 
  • Enhancing organisational relevance, reputation and culture 
  • Attracting investment and economic activity Participate in Executive Education’s short courses to learn how your organisation can benefit from closing the D&I gap. 

Our courses are professional, interactive and highly practical.

The University of Adelaide recognises the important education role it can play in progressing workplace diversity and inclusion. Through Executive Education, the University is committed to building professional development courses that deliver positive outcomes in workplaces. Executive Education and our expert presenters want to close the corporate diversity divide better and faster. Designed in 2018 and 2019 through a consultation and engagement process, we are excited to launch these new programs.

  • Course 1: The Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion (25 & 26th September 2019)
  • Course 2: Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Plan (12 & 13th March 2020)
  • D&I Intention to Action:  Following the two short courses, this elective module is intended to ensure impact in the organisation, through a three-month support program during the critical early stages of implementation.
Download the Executive Education Brochure here (.PDF)