The University of Adelaide's CareerHub portal is a free online employment service to help employers reach students and recent alumni from the University of Adelaide. This portal is also a place for our industry mentors and HR professionals to connect with the University and our students for engagement programs, professional development and more. 

  • Already utilising CareerHub? Click 'login' to access to your existing profile. 
  • New to CareerHub? Keep reading for further information and benefits. The type of profile types available are:
    - Employer (company/contact)
    - Sole trader (individual)
    - Mentor (individual).

    It takes around 5-10 minutes to establish your CareerHub profile. This can include adding details for your organisation, choosing some administrative contacts (some can be for student display while others can just be for our team to know who we're working with) and listing your first role.



  • Promotion of opportunities (graduate programs, vacation employment, internships, program-related casual and part-time opportunities etc).
  • Promote your on-campus presentations 
  • Industry and international employment-related events
  • Career planning and employment preparation workshops 

We have many features to assist you with your student engagement:

  • All events advertised through CareerHub also have the capacity to use online bookings.
  • You have control over how your company is presented through your employer profile.
  • CareerHub is fully searchable by students, so you are able to control in which industries and 'categories' your organisation appears, and which of your staff are the key contacts for prospective job seekers.

Note: all items submitted to CareerHub will be subject to approval by the Careers Service.

Are you a student or recent graduate?

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