Social Enterprise Program | Semester 2 2017
The Social Enterprise Program is a unique 11-week competition among tertiary students in Australia that aims to develop the skills of entrepreneurship and innovation, whilst raising funds to assist homeless people internationally. Participants are also provided one-on-one mentoring from staff of major corporate firms to support them through the Program. Read more below...
You can apply with friends to make a team of two (2) or three (3), or as an individual and be allocated team members.
Benefits To Students
The Social Enterprise Program is a unique opportunity for tertiary students, that provides participants with an array of tangible and long-term benefits. Please see below for further details on what you could get out of the Program.
Practical Business Experience
Plan and run your own micro-business without the risk usually associated with business-ownership.
Be mentored by an industry professional; access their experience, perspective and connections.
Attract Employers
Separate yourself from the crowd when applying for internships and graduate positions by adding this experience to your CV.
Develop community awareness and help homeless people get back on their feet.
Plan and execute strategies that involve dealing with both large and small businesses.
Raise Funds
All funds raised are directed to On My Feet to assist homeless people in Australia and South Africa.
Here's how it Works:
Step 1
Build a Business Partnership
Candidates who successfully apply to compete in the Program are partnered together to form five (5) teams of two (2) or three (3) within their State of residence.
Step 2
Gain Industry and Professional Support
Each team is allocated an industry Mentor who connects students with other professionals and helps them prepare and execute a business plan.
Step 3
Prepare a Business Plan
Teams work with their mentor to draft a plan for selling as many On My Feet running socks as possible. Plans are submitted in Week 4.
Step 4
Execute a Business Plan
Mentors help connect and support students in executing their detailed plans to target big and small business, communities and individuals.
Step 5
Be Adaptable and Innovative
Unforeseeable developments will require teams to pivot from their original plans and be innovative. Mentors employ their experience to assist teams.
Step 6
Be Rewarded
Prizes in each state are awarded to teams for outstanding performance during the Program. 

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