We’re pleased to announce that the United Nations Young Professionals Program (YPP) is now open for applications in Australia for the first time since 2012.

The YPP is a recruitment initiative for talented, highly qualified young professionals to begin their career as an international civil servant.

It consists of an entrance examination and professional development programme designed to help candidates start their career with the right foundations provided by the UN.

As one of Australia’s leading academic institutions, I am contacting you on behalf of the United Nations Information Centre, Canberra to promote this unique program.

The YPP provides the highest value to potential candidates, giving them unparalleled professional enrichment.

Each year, under-represented countries in the United Nations gain invitation to the YPP. For the first time in several years, this includes Australia.

This program is a potentially life changing opportunity for young professionals who want to apply their ambition and talents to assisting people and making a positive impact both here and abroad. To apply for the program, a candidate must fulfil the following requirements:

Must hold nationality of a participating country.

Hold a Bachelor’s degree or at least 3- year equivalent degree for each exam area.

No older than 32 years of age.

Fluency in English and/or French.

To ensure we can inform as many potential candidates as possible about this life-changing initiative, we would appreciate your support. We assure you, all that’s required from you is quite straightforward.

To help, simply make a post on your own social media, or re-post the UN Careers FB page. Please use the Facebook Handle – @UN Careers – on any and all social media platforms you use.

Act now to help your fellow alumni and post-graduate students gain a foothold into the worthwhile career they aspire to and deserve.

For more information, please visit https://careers.un.org/lbw/home.aspx?viewtype=nce